Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As Brunei citizens, we have to support wholeheartedly the desire of the Government of His Majesty to realize the Brunei Darussalam Vision 2035 which main objective is to maintain and raise up the standard of living of the rakyat, by providing them with high quality health care, sustainable development and stable socio-political atmosphere.

Before we proceed further, we should bear in mind that whatever the vision is, it has to go in line with our national philosophy – Melayu Islam Beraja (Malay Islamic Sultanate) or better known as MIB.

The importance of upholding the MIB philosophy is to ensure that the future generation enjoy the fruits of the vision while still firmly promoting the moral values prescribed by Islam. An ultra modern state, with hi-tech life style and super high per capita income, can not be considered a developed nation without moral values.

From this point of view, we have to stress that the rakyat especially our young children have to be crystal clear with the national philosophy so that they will not just absorb whatever technology available to them without considering the cultural values which symbolizes the uniqueness of our nation.

“Brunei Government must give its people confidence in the future, with Vision 2035, the government is safeguarding its assets for the next generation….” That’s part of His Majesty’s titah.

In order to make the people support and participate in pursuing the vision, we have to make an integrated effort to make the rakyat fully understand the projects and programmes stipulated in the blue prints. We have to be transparent to the rakyat, so that they will be willing to work hand in hand, in any field they can, with the Government to realize the vision.

His Majesty also stated that the Government is ambitious to provide the rakyat with a higher quality of life not only in the region but also in the world by 2035.

His Majesty also foresees the challenges to maintain or even raising the standard of living for the rakyat when the oil and gas are depleted considering the conservative estimate in about thirty years from now.

Since the studies have been done, plans have been devised and strategies are in place as stated by Awg Hj Mahrub bin Hj Murni, The Acting Director of Information Department, in what way can we help to speed up the realization of this vision or at least get all the programmes and projects mobilised?

Can the fourty thousand officers and staff of the public service working at twelve ministries and one hundred and six government agencies mobilize the progammes and projects? Let’s take for granted everybody is playing their individual role supporting the Government, can we realize this vision before or by 2035?

The answer is ‘Yes’. It is up to the Government and the rakyat to make the vision a reality. We should cultivate in the mindset of everyone whose allegiance is only to His Majesty and Brunei Darussalam, that this vision is the best gift for the rakyat.

The next step is to identify the setback that will delay the implementation of the programmes and the projects within the vision. The term, ‘Jam Melayu’ or Malay time, should be abolished totally.

Yes, procrastination is and will be our greatest enemy. As one expert said, lackadiasical attitude towards enforcement of discipline in the civil service is the major reason for the sluggish working of the Government machinery.

We have to address this bad habit and motivate those involved to coming into work early, reading regularly in their field, taking courses to improve their skills and focusing on high-value tasks so as to have enormous positive impact on their future.

On the other hand, we must emphasize to them that coming to work late and socializing with coworkers may seem fun and enjoyable in the short term, but inevitably it leads to lack of concentration, underachievement and frustration in the long run.

Everyone involved in pursuing this vision should be action-oriented. They should be able to be their own cheerleader so that they can focus on solution rather than the problem. They must always be optimistic and constructive.

Last but not least those involved must develop a sense of urgency so that they will move fast on the key tasks. A naysayers, pessimists and time wasters will not be able to participate in realizing this beautiful vision which will benefit the rakyat of Brunei Darussalam in the next generation.

Undeniably such a vision blended with the national philosophy will make Brunei Darussalam one of the best places to stay. Every one dreams to live in a place where the health care is superb, the people highly educated and respectful, the business environment condusive complemented by a stable socio-political atmosphere.

Let us support the vision which will make our future generation highly educated, informationalised, competitive and respectful.

22nd April 2009/ 26 Rabiel Akhir 1430

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome back, Elizebeth Wong

Your supporters want you back
as you have proven your work ethics
descipline and commitments
for the past two months you have been
haunted by bad dreams
dreams to distract you fom your
struggle to uphold democracy
now that you have taken the right path
let bygones be bygones
forgiveness will mend the injuries
my prayers for your success
in your future undertakings

Daddy Kurapak: If fact you are the hero!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Shirts shock the world

Unuted Front for Democracy and Dictatorship (UDD), Thailand

Manchester United, England

Daddy Kurapak: Red shirts are getting popular. Red means brave and could be devilish at times.

Nothing is Impossible

This was taken 21 years ago in Kenya

At the most prestigious office, Today.

Daddy Kurapak: Education, Intellect, creativity, dedication, will power, social skills play very important role in upgrading one's life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Congrats...The rakyat wants you

Zambry now knows the popularity of Dato Seri Ir Nizar when he defeated BNs Ismail Saffian in the recent Bukit Gantang Bi-Election.
Daddy Kurapak: He has the package - a Politician and a religious leader; a pride for Malaysians.

What's your next move, KJ?

He is intelligent and he can do wonders.
He won the Ketua Pemuda UMNO seat recently
Yet he was not chosen in Najib's New Cabinet.

Daddy Kurapak: Now let's wait for his next move. I wont't dare to predict. But it could be a check-mate for UMNO and BN

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Azilah and Sirul Azhar sentenced to death

Here is the verdict: Death!!!!

Daddy Kurapak: At last Altantuya's murderers got 'reward'. But will she rest in peace?

Selamat Bertugas Dato Seri Najib

Definately he can smell the challanges ahead.
And surely he believes he can tackle the oncoming obstacles
So's ok, Dato Seri, if you can steer BN successfully,
you could be the best PM for Malaysia.
All the best to you, Dato Seri
I have memorised this phrase long time ago
Behind every successful man, there is a woman
The same goes to his downfall

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ada segelintir kaum suami mudah mencari perempuan lain kerana menganggap isteri mereka sudah tidak cantik, nampak tua, gemuk.. Tapi tahukan anda semua wahai kaum suami sebab-sebab yang menjadikan para wanita khususnya isteri & ibu cepat nampak tidak menarik di Mata anda? 1. Tahukah anda, jika Kita makan dengan perlahan Dan mengunyah makanan sehingga benar2 hancur, itu akan membantu proses penghadaman Kita, sekaligus mengelakkan Kita gemuk.. Tetapi kasihan kaum ibu in, terpaksa makan laju2, telan terus tanpa sempat dikunyah kerana nak memujuk anaknya yang menangis. Tapi is suami.. Layan jer sambung makan, buat2 xdengar anaknya menangis. So, wanita pun mudah jadi gemuk sebab makanan x sempat nak hadam betul2.
2. Wanita juga mudah gemuk kerana sifat mereka yang tidak suka membazir. Makanan yang tidak habis dimakan oleh anaknya, maka dialah yg akan menghabiskannya pulak. Sayang katanya... Takut membazir.. Membazir tukan amalan syaitan. Is suami pulak dengan riaknya mengatakan "kau in kuat betul makan!"
3. Bila anak menangis tengah malam nak minum susu, bapaknya akan tido mati terus.kalau yang dengar pun buat2 tido Lena sbb malas nak bangun, malas nak ganggu tido nya.wanita lah yang dalam semalam, berapa puluh kali terpaksa bangun membuat susu utk anak. Bila x cukup tido, mulalah muka nampak letih Dan cepat nampak tua. Kedut2 pun mula wujud. Masa TU guna Total Effect ker, aper ker... Xkan nak hilangnya. Petua utk cantik kan Ada dua yang penting, minum air banyak & TIDUR SECUKUPNYA.
4. Dan bagi wanita yang berkerjaya, sudahlah penat bekerja utk membantu menambah pendapatan keluarga, bila balik rumah, semuanya dialah yang kena uruskan. Dengan perangai anak2, perangai bapaknya... Nak itu, nak ini.. So, wanita pun membebel, marah2... Dan bila marah2, banyak leter, so cepatlah jadi tua.. Kesimpulannya. ..wanita cepat tua & cepat gemuk adalah disebabkan LELAKI atau lebih tepat lagi SUAMI.. Oleh itu, hargailah segala pengorbanan isteri anda. Mungkin sekiranya sehari sahaja isteri anda tiada, Dan anda perlu memikul tanggungjawab dia sementara, anda mungkin tidak mampu melakukan seperti dia.
Daddy Kurapak: If you think you are old, then you'll become older faster. So think young!!!