Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diana Moore's eleven foot, cast concrete depiction of Themis, Greek goddess of Justice, was commissioned by the US General Services adminstration Art-In-Architecture Program. Themis, her eyes masked, is, in Moore's interpretation, genderless, ageless, and race-less. the power of the work lies in the simplicity of the partial figure and it's accessibility to the public. While we are accustomed to seeing Themis as a full figure, balancing a set of scales, Moore's Themis is more symbolic. She has removed from her traditional, lofty position in the courthouse pediment and placed within the observer's space. Moore contrasted the approachability of her piece with the remoteness of so many of America's monumental sculptures, such as Mount Rushmore of the Statue of Liberty.

Daddy Kurapak: Lawyers can be bought, judges can be bought, justice can be bought. Allah will judge all of us in the Hereafter. 

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