Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The president pulled his wife close and they danced a slow, dignified two-step while, offstage, Beyonce sang. The president spun first ladyMichelle Obama once in a half-turn.

Obama cut loose in a faster groove a few minutes later, as Shakira,Mary J. BligeFaith Hill and Mariah Carey sang along with Stevie Wonder to his "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." The song was played at nearly all of Obama's rallies throughout the campaign.

"You could tell that's a black president from the way he was moving," comedian Jamie Foxx joked following the dance.

Daddy Kurapak: Obama is just 46 years old. He is black. Yet he is now the President of USA. It's the brain and guts, my friends. We must make education as priority if we want Brunei to develop and prosper. Let's change the mindset of Bruneians from merely a 'yes' men to creative and innovative citizens.

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