Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spider Man

This spider is now in S'pore grounds & it's poisonous........ 

Beware !!!!!........ 

When you see this spider -  kill it immediately with some thing, not bare hand 

Have any one of you heard abt or seen this spider ? 

Happening in Singapore !!!!! 

Take note it's around the house.....and anywhere !!! 

Pls note this poisonous-spider ( attached pictures ) was reported on 01 
May 2008 -  channel 8

It's commonly found in Brazil, but somehow it made its way here in S'pore. 


An English man was recently bitten by it but unfortunately, they freed thespider not knowing that it's poisonous ! 

Daddy Kurapak: Still Black Maria is more poisonous. It can even kill!!!




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