Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bedouin's Disembarkation Card

An Immigration Officer was checking a Bedouin's disembarkation card at The Heathrow Airport.

Imm. Off: Your name is Mashoud Albab. Are you the brother of Ahmad Albab in that P Ramlee movie?

Bedouin: Yes Sir.

Imm. Off: Ok. You forgot to fill in this 'sex' column.

Bedouin: Sex? O...sorry Sir. It's 5 times a week.

Imm. Off: No..no..no. I mean male or female?

Bedouin: O...both also can, Sir.

Imm. Off: Oh my God!!

Bedouin: Goat also can, Sir.

Imm. Off: Oh my dear!

Bedouin: Cos deer cannot, Sir. Too fast.

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