Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let's do Aerobics with the seniors

You know that time is just an illusion. That's why you don't feel the biological process of aging. All of a sudden you are already 40. Wow!!! you were so young few years ago. So time flies so fast that you will regret if you just wasted your time for nothing.

HEALTH certainly is very important as an ingredient to live a happy life. Wealth is nothing if your health is deteriorating.

Avoid non-healthy life style. Smoking will invite lots of problems. So don't smoke, PLEASE.

Exerise everyday. Find time to do that. 

To the seniors, CHAIR AEROBICS could be the answer. It promotes heart health, control blood sugar and strengthen knees, ankles, calves, upper body and shoulders.

Daddy Kurapak: Start your day with a SMILE.

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