Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kampung and yerster years

I was born in Kampung Ayer. I still could feel the closeness of the people living in Kampung Ayer during that time. All the inhabitants were Bruneians.

But now Kampung Ayer is no longer as beautiful and sentimental as before. Most of the inhabitants are outsiders. Including illegals, I believe.

My village (Kampung Pekan Lama) was very famous at that time. Just like Kampung Saba, we had our own Sepak Takraw teams.

Sadly I heard that my village is not in original form anymore. Except for the Ketua Kampung, most of the inhabitants are not from Kampung Pekan Lama.

Is Kampung Ayer considered one of the hidden tresures?

To me the answer is definately 'NO".

Daddy Kurapak: Kampung Ayer needs face-lift. The houses have to be redesigned and arranged properly. Please you, Big People up there, do something to our heritage. 

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