Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ikan Bakar

Surely you like ikan Bakar. Don't you?

This was taken in Limbang, few minutes drive from BSB. But during peak hours, you could only reach Limbang Town after 3-5 hours of frustrating ride. Then the return journey could be torturous too. 

But Limbang is really booming with development. Just take a look at the New Immigration Hq next to Kuala Lurah. Such a beautifully designed complex.

Shophouses are also sprouting near the check point. Do you know who they have in mind to patronise their businesses? The Bruneians, of course.

Don't be surprise, we are spending more than 5 millions B$ a week.

The development is very fast, thanks to the creative town planners.

Daddy Kurapak: Brunei yakinkan? But we are very slowlah!!!!!

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